NCM Consulting

Unique needs, customized solutions, greater profits.

No two dealerships are exactly alike. They have different strengths, challenges, competitive pressures and potential for growth.

Our NCM Retail Coaches develop customized, in-dealership solutions that streamline operations, improve performance, develop key competencies and enhance productivity. Based on the unique needs of each dealership, our solutions are designed with one goal in mind: maximizing profits.

Your first step on the path to maximized potential.

All NCM in-dealership programs use a proven formula for identifying performance issues and profit opportunities. The comprehensive operational analysis uses comparative data from the industry-leading NCM database in order to develop a customized business plan for departmental or total dealership correction and profit maximization.

Experts who walk the talk.

NCM expert automotive consulting coaches apply their deep retail experience to provide customized processes and disciplines that maximize department sales and profitability. Whether you need help with Service, Used Vehicle Profit Improvement, New Car Sales, or Parts & Body, we have the expertise to focus where you need it. What’s more, we’ll work alongside your team when a more structured, intensive effort is required to improve net profits and customer retention.

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